The Wyrms of Ilshenar
by Zaphod

  Having gathered at the guild house, our intrepid band of heroes, being Seílanon, Airmid, Luna (our newest companion), Metatron, and myself had decided to set forth on a quest to slay the Ancient Wyrm.  We set forth from the Shrine of Honor in Ilshenar when all had their supplies ready.  A short walk though the woods soon led us to the entrance to the central area of the land, which is near The Deuceís Vinculum Inn, where it was said our quarry lay in itís lair.

   Upon entering the central lands, we soon found some foul beasts, but not that which we sought.  A brief battle ensured with the regions inhabitants, being comprised of Earth Elementals, Imps, and Lava Lizards, as we sought the entrance to the Wyrmís lair.  As we approached the volcano just south of the Gargoyle Mining Camp, we could hear the rumblings of the beast within.  Getting access was tedious, as we had to cross the streams of lava at the base of the Lava Falls the issue from fissures in the Dragon Volcano.  Twice such crossing we made, until we came upon a lake of lava.  Hear we had small stone platforms scattered throughout the lava to cross.  In time all made it to the cliff top above the entrance to the Wyrmís lair.

   A short jump down the cliff placed us where we knew the beast resided.  After one last check of supplies, we entered the beast lair.  The dark stone echoed with the sounds of the Wyrm and its foul stench could be smelled above the brimstone of the volcano.  Soon we found that there was more than the Wyrm here for we were set upon by Lava Lizards and Fire Elementals.  The battle did rage against these creatures and soon they were dispatched.  After quickly tending our wounds, we struck forth in through the blackened tunnels to find the Wyrmís nest for here was the beast we sought.

   With grim determination we lay upon the beast with spell, sword, and arrow.  Great was its rage at our arrival in the place it thought to be secure.  With fire breath, spell, claw, and tooth it fought back, but victory was soon to be ours.  Being the beastís nest, soon more were upon us and the battle was once again engaged.  Wyrm after Wyrm came at us and we did repel and slay them.  During the course of this mighty onslaught, members of our ranks fell time and again.  In time the press of the battle cause us to draw back to the entrance and we reassessed our condition and supplies.  After a brief pause to gather what was needed we headed back into the lair.  Soon another wave of the noxious beasts were upon us.  Great was our determination to rid the lands of Ilshenar of this scourge, but such determination is not without cost.  Members of our ranks fell again during the brutal fight, yet we did come out victorious.  The bodies of the Ancients were stacked like a cord of wood when we did decide to head home for there seemed to be no end to the onslaught of the Ancient Wyrms.  Wearily we did withdraw and headed back to the First Bank of Moonglow to count our blessings and spoils of war.  Thus was the battle in the heart of the Dragon Volcano.