by Zaphod

Once again our group of intrepid adventures decided to set out upon a great adventure. This time our heroic band consisted of two renowned warriors, Ruwendon and Dalif, and myself as mage. After chatting a bit at the guild house and making sure all was ready for the upcoming journey to Wisp we set forth to the Shrine of Honesty in Ilshenar. After a minor deviation through the moon gate on my part, we were finally on the path the dungeon Wisp.

Upon entering the dungeon one is taken by the stillness of the place. Cool stone walls echo faintly with the intelligent murmurs of the wisps that, upon passing, cause faint shadows to flicker everywhere from the pale light they cast.

When we passed from the first level and its placid inhabitant, a choice was to be made. On one hand we had mages and the other titans and their kind or lich lords. Here we set out for the lich lords. Here the dungeon was not so calming. Ettins and cyclopean warriors harried our way to the dark spawn we where after. The battle against the undead was grim to behold. The stout warriors slashing their way though unending specters, wraiths, specters, and shades and their fearsome master the lich lord with the forces of magic crackling about them. Many undead where slain in that room and the corpses where thrown into piles. After the undead horde started to subside, we went after the mighty titans and their kin. Before this we set back to regroup. Having spent some time playing with the gazers and imps around the Shrine of Honesty and resuppling we set back though the dungeon.

We passed through a large room, which was being cleared out by another band of heroes, and headed out into a large chasm in the mountains. Many were here fighting the endless tides of giants. We found a place to take up the fight at the north end the field and took up arms against the titans. Valiantly we fought the hordes that came upon us. Time and again we took to the field there and our luck started to turn. Death came upon our group time and again and we started to withdraw. Upon entering the large room we passed before, we were assaulted by a large group of ettins, cyclopean warriors, and other foul spawn and death came again upon us. Time and again death came upon our band as we drew back through the halls for the giant kin had pressed upon us from all sides.

After we started withdrawing from the dungeon, Ruwendon stay for a time battling the titans, ettins, and liches trying to recover lost gear for those of us who faired poorly in the onslaught that forced our withdraw. Little was found of our lost gear and unfortunately such is the nature of battle. A fair sum of gold was gathered and that is always welcome.