A Daemon Hunt
by Zaphod

  After resting from a bunny hunt atop the First Bank of Britain, it came upon us being comprised of Ruwendon, Airmid, and myself along with Gandolf of the KMA to hunt foul daemons in Ilshenar.

   Having set forth from the Shrine of Compassion, we journeyed north into the scattered peaks near the Pass of Karnaugh.  We passed through the verdant valleys seeking for any sign of our quarry.  Having bypassed several patrols of lesser monsters, we started to find signs of the foul creatures we sought.

   When we got closer to Alexandrella’s Bowl, we finally cam across our prey, and there, having dispatched the daemon, we continued on south through the vale. Coming to a path up the side of the rugged mountain next to us and empowered by our recent victory, we climbed the path to find a truly fearsome creature.  It was awesome to behold the fell beast in its own lair for to our surprise we came upon an Ancient Wyrm.  The ground did tremble at the wyrm’s approach while it roars in rage and hunger.  Yet the beast was not alone.  There with him was a wyvern.  While being just a small cousin of the Wyrm we now faced, it still is quite formidable in combat.  The battle raged back and forth until we were driven back into the bowl.  Here we managed to elude the wyrm only to find that one of our members had perished.  With the skills possessed we soon had all alive and well again.

   After some discussion, it was agreed upon to take vengeance upon the Wyrm for the wounds inflicted upon us.  So once more we set out and soon found the beast again.  Once again, the battle was upon us.  Words of Power mixed with the sound of sword and beast echoed through the mountains.  Death came upon us again when an efreet can up from what seemed to be nowhere.  By this dark spirit’s hand two of our ranks fell.  Soon we where raise again and the efreet dispatched.  The Wyrm, however was still out there loose in Alexandrella’s Bowl.

   With little hesitation we went after the foul spawn again; our anger burned in us and the beast will be slain.  Once again we charged into battle against the beast.  Death, spell, sword, and arrow rained upon the field of battle.  In time, our strength held against the Wyrm.  Slowly it was weakening.  Then it collapses, falling to the ground with a final roar as if in defiance of its fate.  Scarred and bloodied, we carved up the corpse, collected the treasure and headed back to town.

   Having little oppose us on the way back was comforting after the battle such as we had.  We arrived back in Moonglow and celebrated our great victory.  Thus was our journey to hunt daemons.