Bagball Tournament Rules

These are the specific rules that will be used during the tournament.  If an issue is not addressed here but is in the AoS bagball rules then that rule will apply as the situation determines.  Should any controversy arise over the rules or which set is to be used then the referee has final say on the matter.
The Tournament
Four or six teams will be allowed to compete in a tournament.  This is to keep the number of matches to a manageable amount.  See the following table for the example match lineups depending on the number of teams that compete.
Round Four Teams (A, B, C, D) Six Teams (A, B, C, D, E, F)
First A-B, C-D A-B, C-D, E-F
Second A-C A-C, A-E, C-E
Third   A-E

The tournament will run anywhere from to 2 to 4.5 hours long depending on the number of teams that show up.  There will be an awards ceremony after the tournament to hand out all prizes.

Grand Tournaments will span several days with four to six teams competing each day as perscibed for normal tournament play.  The winning teams from each day will play for the prize and recognition as the best team in Britannia.

The Bagball
The referee will supply the filled bagball for use during the matches.  Any player who removes items from the bagball will have their team disqualified and will lose the match immediately.
Teams and Players
All teams will be required to have a team captain, name, colors, and uniform.  Teams will consist of three players total playing on each side.  The uniform may be comprised of any nonmagical clothing or armor (except cloaks) and no team may be naked upon the field.  The uniform will be colored with a primary and secondary color which will be unique for each team.  It is encouraged that each player wears a body sash or similar small item with a unique color for that player.  This helps in identifying who makes the big plays.  The uniform should not be similar to the referee's uniform.  If it is too close in style and color you may be asked to change it to something more distinct.  Team names can be anything as long as it is not offensive, obscene, or derogatory in any manner.  It is suggested that your team name reflects something about your guild, UO hometown, or other UO related themes.  The team captain is the primary contact for each team and is the team leader on the field.

Additional players can be on the bench for making substitutions during play.  Player substitution may be made at halftime or after scores.  To make a substitution a team captain must call for a timeout and then inform the referee who is being substituted for who.  While there is no time limit on the timeouts or the number of times it may be used they are to be quick and efficient.  If either captain calls "timeout"  both teams may substitute players.  Inordinate amount of time used during a timeout or calling timeouts excessively may result in a delay of game penalty.

Free Agents
You may register as a independent player who is willing to play on any team.  This is to give a chance to as many possible players to join in the fun.  If sufficient players sign as free agents then they will be grouped as a team and given some time to decide upon the team requirements.  If needed uniforms can be provided by the referee and you would have to come up with a team name.  Free agents can be placed with an existing team if the existing team agrees to it and needs an extra player to compete.  Every effort will be made to make sure that every free agent gets a chance to play in the tournament.
The Referee
All decisions made by the referee are final.  The referee's uniform will be boots, long pants, formal shirt, and a body sash.  The referee's pants and boots will be black with the shirt in light blue  and the body sash which will be gray.  The referee will call game start, halftime, penalties, goals, and end of game.  Final score and winner will also be announced by the referee.
The Matches
Each match will be comprised of two teams of three competing against each other.  There will be a five minute halftime between the two 10 minute halves.  The team that scores the most points wins the match.  Also the first team to score 10 points will win the match.  If there is a tie at the end of the match there will be a 10 minute overtime period during which the first team to score will win the match.  Teams will switch sides during halftime.  Matches are to be held at the Grand Arena in Malas.   
All penalties that occur will cause the match to stop.  The team that incurred the penalty will lineup at their goal as at the start of the game.  The bagball will be placed in the center of the field and the opposing team will lineup right behind the centerline.  Play resumes upon the referee's signal.