UO's Only Sport

Here you will find information about the best sport in Britannia, bagball!  Review the rules of the game and tournament rules if you are interested in playing.  Tournament rules should be the rules used for general matches (those for fun) as well as tournament and league play.  This will help devolp a cosistant system of rules for the game.

You can register to recieve information about upcoming bagball matches and tournaments by sending an email to Zaphod with Bagball Information Request in the subject.  Please include character name, icq, and best time to contact you.


The Rules of Bagball Rules of the game as supplies buy OSI
Tournament Rules Specific rule variations for use in tournament play
Bagball Code of Conduct  Expected behavior from bagball players and referees
Referees, Teams, and Free Agents  Listing of bagball teams, players, and officials

arena3d.jpg (83468 bytes)
The Grand Arena in Malas